Choosing a Cell Phone (Mobile)

So here we are – August. I’ve come back from working at a summer stock theatre and it’s time to deal with the minutiae of moving for real now. One of the entries on that endless list is finding a mobile phone carrier so that I can, you know, communicate with the people I need to talk to in the UK.

So, as usual, I took to the internet to find the best fit for me.

My wishlist looked a little something like this:

  • SIM only – I’m happy with my iPhone and have no desire for a new one. Or to have to pay for one. It’s also important to note here that you need to know what size SIM card your phone takes – iPhone 5c/s and above take nano SIMs.
  • 5+ GB of data
  • Unlimited texting

Bear in mind, I know less than nothing about UK mobile phone plans or service areas. I was going in blind and have spent this entire process self-educating. Much like the Tube, most of the guides I found were geared towards people who didn’t have even a basic understanding of how mobile phone companies work.


Sensorly – This website, which works for both the US and the UK, will show you 3G or 4G coverage as well as upload and download speeds for whatever network you choose overlaid onto a geographical area. It was incredibly helpful for finding out which networks had the best coverage where I needed it most.

USwitch – This site has a lot of great deals. They do other products and services, but I only used their SIM-only mobile plan search option. I relied pretty heavily on this service.



Not to be misconstrued as an endorsement, but I’ve pretty much decided I’m going with a giffgaff £20 goody bag, which is basically a monthly plan. It has unlimited text, calls, and data (after 6GB of usage, though, they slow your data speed).


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