No one told me getting accepted was the easy part.

An incomplete sampling of my current to-do list:

  • ship a box of linens and kitchen stuff
  • fit all my clothes into my suitcase
  • pick up GBP at my bank
  • blog about all of the above
  • submit international voting form
  • clean out my desk
  • somehow fit all the things into my personal bag that I want to fit
  • register for optional modules
  • confirm arrival time for accommodation
  • unlock my cell phone


But really –

What I did, using Evernote (but many note-taking softwares will serve the same function),  was sit down in early June and make a checklist of all the things I had to do between that day and a nebulous future date by which I will have “settled in”. I divided these things by the date they needed to happen on, and if any of the tasks originated on, had instructions on, or involved a webpage, I hyperlinked the task to the webpage. It made life so much less stressful and more organized – I didn’t have to leave a bunch of links up in my browser; any time something new came up, it was easy to add to the list; this format allowed me to see when I was busier vs. when I had more free time, evenly distributing my preparations. It’s been stressful, but much more manageably so than if I had not worked all this out ahead of time. One thing I would do different, though, if I had it to do over again, is that I would treat my scheduled checklist like the dates were harder deadlines as opposed to suggestions – these past few weeks have been a little heavier than I planned because I let things slide in some cases where I probably shouldn’t have.


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