Seven days out.

oh gosh.

it’s a week until I leave.

Like, in seven (7) days I get on a plane and leave the country. I’ll leave from Houston and land in London.

It’s strange to think that all the things I’ve been planning, all the places I’ve only read about, all the dreams I’ve had about this city since I was a freshman in high school – they’re all going to be real. I’ll be walking there, where I’ve only seen pictures. I’ll be attending lectures at my dream school. I’ll be studying in that library.

I have seven days left, and that’s five too many days to really start packing in earnest (can’t live without moisturizer for four days), but too few days to pretend that I have any time at all. This is always the weirdest time for me before a big trip, and this is… the biggest. I have sort of let myself think of it as temporary because there’s a definite, official end date but it’s really not. I’m moving out of my childhood home. I’m never going to live in this room again, I won’t come back here for weeks at a time in the summer, I’ll hear third-hand about the changes downtown. It’s not anything I didn’t want, it’s not even bad, but it is a change. These are the last seven days I’ll spend living in my parents’ house.

I have lunch and dinner dates scheduled with a variety of family members in different groups and configurations over the next week. Food is really important to me, it’s tied to places and people in a very visceral way, and my family knows that. So what I’m doing is sort of like a culinary greatest hits tour, if the various fast food and local restaurants of my childhood and young adulthood can be called that.

I’m comfortable moving on though, too, in another way, because so many of my friends are. A lot of us are going to grad school at the same time. Off the top of my head I count at least 4 friends who are in their first year of postgrad/professional school. I might be going alone to London, but at least I’m not alone in going to grad school. We’ll all whine about it together.

I can’t wait to be just one more person living in London. Me and 8.6 million of my closest friends.


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